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Temecula Wine Country's Neighborhood FarmTemecula CA 92592hey1stfruitsfarm@yahoo.com951-977-3276
Tuesday 6/21/22
2:05:40 AM
Non-GMO, No Antibiotics, Free Range, No Hormones, All Natural, Chemical Free, Certified Naturally Grown
Farm cart Pick-ups available in Temecula with appt. Delivery available. Call 951-977-3276 for more info.


Thanks for checking in to see what we have available! A new season is upon us and were so excited to provide you fresh produce and lots of cut flowers!
If you're new here, it's pretty easy to order produce.
Simply text or call us with your order!
And we'll start harvesting!
Then pick a time and we'll have it on the cart for you!
Venmo or PayPal payments are preferred.
What's Available Today!
Strawberries $5.00
EGGS $6.00
Rainbow Chard $3.00
Curly kale $3.00
Mixed Lettuce na
Zucchini 3.00
Cucumbers 3.00
Heirloom tomatoes 4.00
Mt princess Tomatoes 4.00
Cherry tomatoes 4.00
(mixed right now)
Purple indigo tomatoes 4.00
Red onion
White onion
Yellow Texas super sweet onions
Tomatillos 3.00
Fresh Herbs $3.00
Purple sage
Lemon balm
Seasonal Flower bouquets $15.00
Micro min dried bouquets $5
Regular dried bouquet $12.00
Dried lavender $12.00
You can also follow and dm @justbecausepicnics to book your private picnic on our farm!
And If you're here for a picnic, make sure you ask to see the farmstand! Tote bags, coffee cups, slime, greeting cards, lavender eye pillows & more are available for purchase!

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